Robotics Teacher

Halifield Schools

Last Seen: 16th May 2021


Company NameHalifield Schools

Job TypeFull Time

Required Experience3 year(s)

Job LevelMid level

Education LevelDegree

Valid Until10th June 2021

  • Promote highacademic standard in pupils’ Performances in accordance with the approvedbenchmarks.
  • Promote thewelfare of children in your care.
  • Prepare wellplanned lessons that will provide high-quality learning experiences andopportunities for the children as well as ensure that every child’s learning profile is taken into consideration.
  • Ensure thatchildren’s exercise books are marked and necessary corrections are done promptly.
  • Ensure that thereis an adequate and prompt assessment of children’s (academic and behavioural)progress to ascertain where there is a gap for remediation.
  • Maintain opencommunication with parents of the children in the class through communicationbook and to report serious issues to the supervisor for onward promptresolution.
  • Give targets thatare relevant to a child’s need with the view of remediating a gap or a need inthe child’s academics.
  • Ensure that theclass is a safe place for children, that equipment is safe
  • Maintains andtroubleshoots all school-owned hardware and software, server, networking,firewall and internet.
  • Enters andprepares students for competitions and wins.
  • Managing informationtechnology and computer systems
  • Preserve assets,information security and control structures