Northeast Connection - Addressing Trauma in Northeast Communities RFA at Creative Associates International

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Last Seen: 30th November 2021

Company Name Creative Associates International

Job TypeFull Time

Education LevelBA/BSc/HND

This RFA seeks to respond to the harmful effects of unaddressed trauma by raising awareness about trauma and providing community-based psychosocial first aid services across IDP communities in Borno and Adamawa states. The effort seeks grantees to design and implement activities that support the above goal and the key objectives outlined in Section 4 below. Through a competitive grant process, NE Connection will award multiple grants to two (2) competent local organizations: one (1) to implement activities in Adamawa and one to implement activities (1) in Borno. The anticipated geographic scope for each state includes:

  • Borno State: Maiduguri metropolis, and Biu – 4 Wards, 12 communities.
  • Adamawa State: Mubi South, and Mubi North – 4 Wards, 12 communities

The selected organization will be expected to raise awareness about trauma. Awareness and trauma-relief focused activities should enable victims to recognize the various forms and types of traumas, the symptoms, and effects of trauma, and understand how to address it. By raising awareness of trauma, the IDPs and community members should be able to understand what they have gone through and feel more empowered to seek support.
The selected organization will also be expected to create peer-to-peer support groups and train community members - including traditional rulers, religious leaders, men, women and youth groups to help victims cope with trauma through local mechanisms, including traditional processes and/or psychosocial support, targeting rescued men, women and youth who have fled violence and have returned to their communities. Creating these community-based resources/support and providing safe spaces will enhance the resiliency of community members and will allow them to regain a sense of control by being able to help themselves.
Potential grantees should clarify in their applications how they will select the community members to be trained to provide peer to peer support, as well as who the intended beneficiaries of the trauma awareness and psychosocial first aid services are, and how they will adapt to existing local context to ensure sustainability. NE Connection will favor program activities that provide platforms for community members to interact through peer-to-peer activities and awareness campaigns using different approaches. These approaches should allow for participation of vulnerable groups, especially women, girls, youth and other minority groups.
3. RFA Theory of Change
If trauma awareness is increased and safe spaces for community-based psychosocial first aid services for trauma relief are created, then community members will be aware of trauma, and their capacity to provide psychosocial first aid will be enhanced.
4. Objectives
Objective 1: To raise awareness on trauma through different techniques in target communities.
Expected Result 1.1: Increased awareness on trauma facilitated through different techniques in target wards and communities.
Expected Result 1.2: Enhanced understanding among community members about the harmful effects of
trauma in target communities.
Objective 2: To provide basic psychosocial first aid services through community-based peer to peer support groups.
Expected Result 2.1: Community-based peer-to-peer support groups are established and strengthened
through training to facilitate psychosocial first aid across target communities.
Expected Result 2.2: Psychosocial first aid activities implemented to support community members address trauma across target communities.
5. Illustrative Activities
The proposed activities for this RFA should be guided by the Theory of Change (ToC) and RFA objectives.

  • Grantees are encouraged to propose activities that are applicable to their proposed geographic locations and
  • previous experience. NE Connection has prepared the following illustrative examples of the types of activities
  • that grantees could propose to implement under this grant, they include but are not limited to:
  • Raise awareness on trauma using different techniques.
  • Psychosocial first aid activities on trauma relief
  • Capacity building activities for community-based peer to peer psychosocial support groups and referral pathways
  • All activities implemented under this RFA will follow COVID-19 protocols, including but not limited to, the mandatory use of non-medical face masks and limiting sessions to a maximum of 20 people.

6. Draft Output and Outcome Indicators for this RFA

  • of trauma awareness campaigns conducted.
  • of people reached through trauma awareness campaigns
  • of community-based psychosocial support groups/platforms formed/strengthened
  • of community members trained on psychosocial first aid services (disaggregated by gender and age)
  • Increase in knowledge of community members trained on psychosocial first aid services.
  • of psychosocial first aid activities conducted as coping mechanisms in communities

Northeast Connection RFA-Northeast Connection-1373

  • of people who receive psychosocial first aid services (disaggregated by gender and age)
  • of community members attesting to being aware of trauma and its harmful effects
  • of community members who report trauma-relief as a result of program intervention

The Complete RFA can be found on Google Drive Here