Children Caregivers

Anonymous Employer

Last Seen: 16th May 2021


Company NameAnonymous Employer

Job TypeFull Time

Required Experience3 year(s)

Job LevelEntry level

Education LevelHigh School (S.S.C.E)

Valid Until12th June 2021


  • Utilize appropriate language, interactions, and positive discipline.
  • Model positive behavior.
  • Assist in instructing and supervising children in classroom activities.
  • Implement age-appropriate activities that support the Head Start standards and the Creative Curriculum.
  • Implement and model family style eating during meal times.
  • Continuously monitor children to ensure safety at all times, and report child abuse and neglect when necessary.
  • Assess children on a regular basis.
  • Take pictures and maintain anecdotal notes, written observations, and other approved forms of documentation for each child. 
  • Administer Creative Curriculum, Ages and Stages Questionnaire, Ages and Stages SE Questionnaire.
  • Utilize research library, research, plan, and develop age-appropriate activities for lesson plans in conjunction with the Lead Teacher.
  • Assist the Lead Teacher in incorporating required activities into lesson plans that support children’s development.
  • Help Lead Teacher prepare activities that support lesson plans.
  • Maintain open communication with parents by scheduling and conducting parent/teacher conferences and home visits.
  • As a parent advocate, help resolve issues or concerns that are raised.
  • Inform parents about daily classroom routine, expectations, policies, field trips, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Communicate with parents about incidents that have been observed and/or recorded in school.
  • Obtain all required classroom parental signatures such as on all incident reports and field trip permission slips.
  • Design and complete documentation panels for the classrooms and hallways.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork for classroom activities including meal count sheets, attendance, screenings, parent/teacher conferences, in a timely manner.
  • Maintain up-to-date and accurate education folders to include complete incident reports, permission slips.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date portfolios.
  • Maintain classroom supply lists and inventory.
  • Complete all assessment paperwork, such as the Creative Curriculum checklist according to specified timelines.
  • Support volunteers, interns, teacher aides.
  • Under the direction of Lead Teachers delegate duties as necessary, and give constant feedback to facilitate professional growth.
  • Work closely with School Director, Administrator, classroom teaching team, and other content area specialists.
  • Actively participate in meetings which may include management, teaching team, center, committee, parent, parent policy, family reviews, city/state, agency, and board meetings.
  • Participate in team meetings. 
  • Communicate and share ideas and concerns with the Lead Teacher, School Director, Education Coordinator, and other management team members.
  • Engage in continuing education and professional development activities such as training, workshops, and classes to meet required qualifications.
  • Help to maintain a clean and organized learning environment.
  • Sanitize all surfaces, equipment, and classroom toys.
  • Maintain a quality room arrangement in compliance with curriculum standards.
  • Routinely check classroom equipment and materials to ensure they are in good repair.



  • Must have at least SSCE. Having extra-curricular skills would be an advantage.
  • For this position, additional qualifications of BEd/BSc(Ed)/BSc, PGDE, NTI, or NCE qualifications will be of great advantage.